Translations from English and French into Spanish.

Two native individuals will always take part in the translation process, a translator and a reviewer, in order to guarantee maximum accuracy and quality.

My main purpose when I work on a translation project is to be faithful to the original whilst also adapting the text to the target reader. The objective is that translations read like originals.

Main fields of expertise: IT and marketing. I also translate texts about education, environment, tourism, children and nutrition, as well as scripts and press releases.

In addition, I can also handle the following types of projects:

  • Proofreading and proof-editing in Spanish

  • Localisation. The localisation process is not restricted to the mere translation of a text, it also involves a number of technical adjustments, as well as the necessary cultural adaptation. The client receive a totally-functional bilingual or multilingual website, wich only needs to be uploaded to a server.

  • Mac DTP. Preparation of Pages and Keynote files for their translation and subsequent DTP so that the translations look just as good as the original version.

  • Transcreation of advertising materials. This is a creative adaptation to transfer your ideas and, above all, to create the same effect on an audience that speaks a different language.

Ask for a free quote with no commitment by sending an email to:

In order to offer you a quote, I need you to send the text to be translated as an attachment, specifying the target translation language and the delivery deadline. If you are unable to send me the original, please provide details on the type of project and its length. Please bear in mind that any documents supplied will be treated confidentially.

The quote shall be calculated on the basis of the working languages, text type, number of words and the urgency of the project.

You can rest assured as I will never accept projects if I cannot guarantee quality. If I were unable to accept a project myself, I would refer you to a colleague with suitable qualifications.

You will receive a detailed quote at the shortest possible notice.

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Member of the Spanish Association of Translators, Copyeditors and Interpreters